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Delta Roboter Tutorial - Build your own controller

Photo by  EEROS Team, NTB University of Technology, Buchs & St. Gallen, Switzerland,




  • You need any 64-Bit Linux Version (VM or standalone).



Credentials of the Beagle Bone Blue

  • You can login as “root:toor” or as “debian:temppwd”.

Start your Beagle Bone Blue

  • Connect the micro USB with the PC.
  • It takes about 15 seconds until the Beagle Bone Blue is powered up and another 15 seconds until a network adapter is shown on your host pc. Open a Terminal and check if this network is already available.
$ ifconfig 
  • Connect via ssh to your Beagle Bone Blue
$ ssh debian@
  • Defaultpassword is “temppwd”


The first time you do this you will get a security alert in the console - type “yes” and hit enter. Then enter the password “temppwd” and confirm with enter. Don't be alarmed if the console does not response while you type your password.

Build the EEDURO software

There are two options to build the EEDURO software for your robot.

  1. With KDevelop
    • Start KDevelop and import the CMakeLists.txt file from your EEDURO folder. Described here
    • Press the build button in the top left corner
    • In the deploy.txt file in your Beagle Bone Blue folder: change the last line to the path of your builded application.
    • Run the script in your Beagle Bone Blue folder. Your files should now be copied to your Beagle Bone Blue.
      • install-armhf/lib/
  2. With the script
    • Open the file in your Beagle Bone Blue folder.
    • Change the second last line to your source directory
      • wd="$(pwd)"
        # choose a suitable toolchain file for your intended platform
        toolchain_file="$wd/arm-linux-gnueabihf.cmake"         # build for arm 
        # choose a name for build and install directory
    • Run the script to build the eeduro application
    • Run the script to copy the files to your Beagle Bone Blue

Start the EEDURO application

Before starting the EEDURO application plug in the 12V DC power supply or the LiPo battery, otherwise the motors won't run. Also you have to check that the encoder turns in the same direction as your motors. You can do this by running the

$ rc_test_encoders 


rc_test_motors -m X -d Y

on your target, where X is the motor you want to test and Y is the duty cycle for the motor (in the range of -1.0 to +1.0). You can exit this test applications by pressing [CTRL]+[c]. For each motor running in the opposite direction you have to change the “scale” and “range” in the “HwConfigBBBlue.json” file. Change each wrong encoder from

{ "id" : "fqd",
     "minIn":	0, "maxIn": 311296,
     "minOut":	0, "maxOut": 1245184}


{ "id" : "fqd",
     "minIn":	0, "maxIn": 311296,
     "minOut":	-1245184, "maxOut": 0}

After that you can run the EEDURO application.

$ cd /opt/eeros/bin
$ sudo ./myApp -c HwConfigBBBlue.json

You'll find the software description of the EEDURO application here.

Playing with the Delta robot

After starting the EEDURO application of the Delta robot you'll get the following procedure:

  1. all motors move to the uppermost position
  2. short delay
  3. axis motors move to the homing position
  4. motor of the electromagnet gets homed → electromagnet should be centered

The intialization process should now be finished, and the Delta robot should start with the sorting sequence. After finished that, it will start the shuffle sequence.

While the Delta robot is sorting or shuffling the small plates, you can get control of it. Just move the mouse or press a button on it. By moving the mouse left and right you can move the Delta robot to the left and right. You can move up and down by scrolling. By hitting the scroll wheel to the left or the right, the electromagnet will turn in this direction. By pressing the left mouse button you enable the electromagnet. Releasing will disable it.

Calibrate the Delta robot

If you need to calibrate the positions for the Delta robot follow this steps:

  1. The Delta robot has to be powered up and running
  2. Press the red button on the Delta robot
    1. It should stop the current sequence and the red led lights up
  3. Press and hold the red button for two seconds, this will start the calibration sequence and mouse control gets activated
  4. Remove all plates

You have to calibrate the Delta with each plate. Start with plate 0 → that means no plate is used.

  1. Put the actual plate to position 0 and move the delta to the center of this position.
  2. Hit the blue button.
  3. Put the actual plate to position 1 and move the delta to the center of this position.
  4. Hit the blue button.
  5. Put the actual plate to position 2 and move the delta to the center of this position.
  6. Hit the blue button.
  7. Put the actual plate to position 3 and move the delta to the center of this position.
  8. Hit the blue button.
  9. If the actual plate is number 3 you are finished. Else use the plate with the next higher number and start again with step 1.

If you have calibrated all blocks on every position, press the red button. After that, press the green button. The Delta robot should now home its axis and start its sort and shuffle sequence.

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