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Write Your Own Application

In order to alter and extends the original software controlling the delta robot follow the steps given in Use KDevelop with Existing Build Configuration. After making your adaptions and successfully building it you continue with deploying it to the hardware.

As soon as you want to write your own application code and run it on the hardware you have to stop the original autostart application. However, after stopping the system will power down and you will loose your connection from the host system. To avoid this and make your system fit for your own development needs you have to make the autostart script non-executable. Please beware that you do this while the Delta application is still running.

ost@bblue:$ chmod -x bin/ 

You can now stop the application and the system will shutdown. Bring it up again. It will now run without starting the Delta application and you are free to develop your own program.

Hello World

See Writing EEROS Applications for Beaglebone Blue Board to write a simple EEROS program. Check more examples on Tutorials.

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