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Initialization - Zero reference

The initialization for the axis motors is the same as Initialization - Zero reference with the additional motor for the TCP.

Mechanical Limits of the Tool Center Point Motor

The TCP rotation is limited by two metall pins. The maximum turn angle is calculated as follows:
TCP limit

sin(γ/2) = r/R
γ=2*arcsin(r/R)= 0.0600 (rad) = 3.438°

That is the value for one side. The other side is identical, so the maximum turn angle is

β = 2*PI - 2 * 0.06 = 6.16 (rad) ≅ 353°

Zero position is chosen in the middle of the free range.

:!: Make sure that the TCP is properly fixed on the motor shaft. Two tiny screws must be carefully tightened.

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