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Program Execution and User Interface

Starting the application on the Delta robot will do a homing first, see Homing. After homing the Delta is in system ready mode which is indicated by the green and blue LED.

If you press the green button, the Delta starts its Auto Moving Sequence. In between shuffling and sorting the blocks you can take control by using a mouse, see Mouse Sequence. By moving the mouse you can move the tool center point (TCP). You can raise and lower the TCP by scrolling. By pressing the left or right mouse button you enable the electromagnet. Releasing the mouse button will disable it. If you do not perform any action with the mouse for 5 seconds, the robot will start it's auto sequence operating mode again.

Press the blue button to stop the Auto Moving Sequence or Mouse Sequence. This will stop the current sequence, raise the TCP and put it back to it's homing position. The robot is again in system ready mode.

Press the red button in case of an emergency and the red LED lights up. In this case you have to press the green button to continue. The Delta will repeat its homing and go to system ready mode.

If you press the blue button 3 times in the system ready mode, the robot will move to it's parking position and power down. When pressing the green and blue button together in the system ready mode, the Delta can be calibrated.


The robot is equipped with three buttons: red, blue, green. You can use the buttons for following actions:

ActionButtonAvailable in state
Start 'Auto Moving' green 'System Ready'
Stop 'Auto Moving' blue 'Auto Moving' or 'Mouse Control'
Emergency stop red all
Exit 'Emergency' green 'Emergency'
Stop the application blue (3 times)'System Ready'
Start calibration blue & green'System Ready'

For sequences description, please refer to: Sequencer and Sequences


As soon as you move the mouse while in 'Auto Moving' state, the robot will change into 'Mouse Control' state. If the mouse delivers no new signal during 5 seconds the state will change back into 'Auto Moving'.

  • Moving the mouse on the desk will move the robot in XY direction
  • Scrolling will move z-axis up and down in the vertical direction
  • Pressing the left or right button will turn on the magnet


The three leds within the three buttons indicate the following state:

LedStatePossible action
green & blue 'System Ready' green button to start 'Auto Moving', blue button to shut down
blue 'Auto Moving' or 'Mouse Control' blue button to stop
red & green 'Emergency' green button to leave emergency state
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