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Safety System

To get more informations and details about how the Safety System works, refer to the Safety System described in the EEROS Wiki.

Various safety events allow to switch between the safety levels. They are triggered by the safety system itself or by the sequencer. The table shows the levels, events and the possible switches between levels in the specific application implemented for the delta robot.

Safety System of the Delta Roboter

The entry level of the safety system is slControlStarting, where the control system is started and the event controlStartingDone is triggered.

There is one critical input: the red button, i.e. the emergency button, which triggers doEmergency.

There are two critical outputs: the red and green LED lights. The red one is switched on when in emergency level, while the green one is switched on when the button has to be pressed: after an emergency to restart the robot and when in systemReady, to start the automatic sequence.

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