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Deploy to the Target

Finally, load the executable onto the target with

$ ./

The default password on the BeagleBone Blue Board is “ost”. Edit the deploy.txt file to define which files should be downloaded.

Handle Read-only File System

Our images for the board come in two flavors, development and release. The release image is write protected which makes it safe for powering it off without proper shutdown procedure. However, when deploying to such an image, you will get

$ scp: /home/ost/bin/delta: Read-only file system

Before downloading you have to make the file system writable. Connect to your target with

$ ssh ost@

then remount the file system with

ost@bblue:$ sudo mount / -o remount,rw

A system which is longer read-only should be stopped gracefully at the end with

ost@bblue:$ sudo /sbin/halt

Next: Running the Delta Application

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