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Calibrating the Delta Robot

The Calibration Sequence can be started in the System ready state. Press the blue button first. While holding the blue button press the green button as well. After calibration is done the robot will be in System ready state again. From there you can start normal operation as usual.

You need to see the output of the loggers as described in Running the Delta Application. Carefully follow the instructions given in the log output.

You have to place each block (no block, block 1, block 2, block 3) at all four positions and move the TCP around within the limit of the block. While doing so the calibration sequence will record the minimum and maximum values for x, y and z coordinates. To be precise, it will record the z values for all blocks but will record the x and y values just for block 3 (that's the one with the deepest hole). The calibration sequence will then calculate medium values for x and y for all four positions and medium z values for all four positions and four blocks. Finally, it will save these values to a file /home/ost/bin/delta-sort.conf.

The main program will load these calibration data at startup and use it for prescise positioning of the TCP when sorting or shuffling.

The coordinates of the four positions are approximately as follows


Calibration Data

The git repository includes a directory robotList. There you can find calibration data for all ntb robots. Instead of calibrating the robots individually, you can copy the right file from there to your robot.

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