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Calibrating the Delta Robot

The Calibration Sequence can be started by triggering the safety event doCalibrating. This can be done by pressing the red button until this lights up. Press and hold the red button for 2 seconds, this will trigger the Safety Event doCalibrating. When finished with calibrating, press the red button once again. Press the green button to get back in normal operation mode.

If you need to calibrate the positions of the blocks for the Delta robot follow this steps:

  1. The Delta robot has to be powered up and running
  2. If the Delta is not in it's homing position:
    1. Press the blue button to stop the normal operating mode
  3. Else:
    1. Press the green and blue button together
  4. Remove all plates

You have to calibrate the Delta with each plate. Start with plate 0 → that means no plate is used, and position 0.

  1. Put the actual plate to the actual position and move the TCP to the center of this position.
  2. Hit the blue button.
  3. Move the TCP inside the gap of the current block only in x and y direction.
  4. Hit the blue button again.
  5. If the actual position is number 3 go to the next step. Else increment the position number and start again with step 1.
  6. If the actual plate is number 3 you are finished. Else use the plate with the next higher number and start again with step 1.

If you have calibrated all blocks on every position, put all blocks back and press the blue button. The Delta will move to it's homing position.

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