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EEDURO Delta Robot


EEDURO is an open robotics platform for use with the EEROS software framework. The goal is to develop a family of different, small sized low cost robots. Currently the EEDURO Delta robot is ready for factoring. There is also work going on a mobile robot with a Stanford drive.

You can build your own Delta robot from scratch by using a 3D-printer, buying a few standard mechanical parts together with some off-the-shelf electronic circuits together and a processor board. With a few software scripts you download the necessary software, build, and deploy it to the processor board. The current application simply moves the tool center point in a circle. Further, with a standard mouse connected to the processor board you can steer the robot manually. You could equip this tool center point with a tool, such as a magnet or a gripper.

Mechanical Hardware

Electrical Hardware


Like any EEROS application our application to control the delta roboter is comprised of a control system, a safety system, and a sequencer running a given sequence. To get familiar with EEROS and its structure read more about the EEROS Architecture.

Understanding the Software

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