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EEDURO Delta Robot


EEDURO is an open robotics platform for use with the EEROS software framework. The goal is to develop a family of different, small sized low cost robots. Currently the EEDURO Delta robot is ready for factoring. There is also work going on a mobile robot with a Stanford drive.

You can build your own Delta robot from scratch by using a 3D-printer, buying a few standard mechanical parts together with some off-the-shelf electronic circuits together and a processor board. The current application simply moves the target tool point in a circle.

Mechanical Hardware

Electrical Hardware


Like any EEROS application our application to control the delta roboter is comprised of a control system, a safety system, and a sequencer running a given sequence. To get familiar with EEROS and its structure read more about the EEROS Architecture.

Understanding the Software

NTB Version


We have built a range of delta robots which stand upright (List with all NTB Delta Robots). The electronic equipment is identical to the above version while their mechanical hardware differ. The software has some light adaptations, depending on the different application programmed.

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